January 09, 2008


Sam Smith

The choice between the two leading Democratic candidates is really between favoring the vast amount one doesn't know about Obama over the vast amount one should know about Clinton but which too many ignore. It is a choice between a guess and the gross, the unknown hustler and the known perp, the blank page over an overflowing, disingenuous and dishonorable record.

Mae West said that when faced with the choice between two evils, she always picked the one she hadn't tried before. This is clearly a strong argument for Obama, but fortunately we still have another choice left: John Edwards, whose proposals are the most progressive of the lot and whose supporters include those among the most active in pushing for real change and not just gossamer clouds of undefined hope.

Even if Edwards can't win the election, he will definitely win the argument because an America that succeeds will adopt his approach and one that fails will be sorry it hadn't. A fantasized future or a falsified past won't save America: real progress for real people just might.