January 07, 2008


What is the bipartisan solution for. . .

The Iraq war, which was started and continued with full support of both the Republican and Democratic parties?

The destruction of the Constitution through such means as runaway wiretapping and the Patriot Act, both of which have received strong bipartisan support including from major Democratic presidential candidates?

The harm done by the cynical No Child Left Behind Act, which received broad bipartisan support?

The growing use of torture by the US government, support for which is so bipartisan it hasn't hardly been mentioned during the current campaign?

Global warming, around which Republicans and Democrats have reached a consensus to keep as much below the surface as possible?

If we have much more bipartisanship, it may prove fatal. Candidates proposing bipartisanship or "post-partisanship" are really arguing for merging two dangerous mobs even more than at present.

Bipartisanship does not end conflict, it simply strengthens the conflict by those in power against the rest of us.

As Harry Truman noted, "Whenever a fellow tells me he is bipartisan, I know he is going to vote against me." - Sam Smith