June 29, 2007


Sam Smith

SINCE THE 2008 election looks as though it is going to be largely based on fiction, it may be time to deconstruct the semiotics of the plot.

For example, if Clinton, Giuliani and Bloomberg run against each other, the red state - blue state dichotomy will be replaced by a division between the Big Apple vs. the rest of us. And the race, it can be expected, will be rotten to the core.

If Giuliani runs against Clinton it will be the ex-prosecutor against the almost prosecuted.

If Fred Thompson beats Giuliani it will mean the fake NYC DA has triumphed over the real NYC US Attorney

If Obama wins he will be, at least in the mind of Toni Morrison, the second black president.

If the candidates are Fred Thompson vs. Barack Obama it will be our first presidential election in which both candidates got there largely because of a TV show.